The SOLaware™ Display

A modular sun safety solution to raise real-time awareness about sun exposure.


Based on the strength of local UV radiation – measured real-time by an array of sensors – the SOLaware™ Index is displayed to inform about the average time until skin damage, if preventative actions are not taken immediately.


Knowledge is half the battle in Sun Safety, so the SOLaware™ Educational board highlights simple A.W.A.R.E. steps to safely enjoy the time spent under the sun. The board also links to SOLaware™ website to learn more about sun exposure and sun safety tips.


The SOLaware™ Display system optionally offers on-the-spot access to sun screen from a touchless dispenser to enable immediate sun protection, even if you don’t have any with you!


Straightforward Guide

The SOLaware™ Index helps to prevent skin and eye damage from harmful UV exposure by keeping your community informed of local conditions.

Simple Range

The SOLaware™ Index ranges between 10 – 60 minutes based on the UV intensity. A lower SOLaware™ Index value means shorter time to possible skin damage.

Intuitive Display

The SOLaware™ Index provides updates that are easily followed by highlighting important information and changing throughout the day.

The SOLaware™ Index is calibrated for light skin individuals. Keep in mind that your personal tolerance may vary.