Innovative Sun Safety Solution Tested in Wallingford and Milford, CT

SOLaware™ Display prototype at the Community Pool in Wallingford.

Hamden, CT – Aug 29, 2017 – SOLaware™ Technologies recently partnered with the Wallingford Health Department and the Milford Recreation Department to conduct beta tests of their SOLaware™ Display, as a part of their product development efforts.

The SOLaware™ Display is a modular system that combines an informational real-time UV index, an educational board with sun damage prevention information, and a sunscreen dispenser for on-the-spot access to sun protection. The product will provide residents with a complete “inform-educate-protect” solution to lower the risk of sunburns and skin cancer in local communities.

After months of collecting feedback on the proof-of-concept model for the SOLaware™ Display, the development team of recent Quinnipiac graduates (Zachary Robbins, B.S., Biomedical Marketing ’15; and Ferenc Fazekas, M.B.A. ’17); and interning University of New Haven engineering students (Kevin Rivas, Mechanical Engineering ’19; Dimas Catalan, Mechanical Engineering ’19) built the first working public prototype of the innovative sun safety solution for the 2017 Summer season.

Thanks to the innovative leadership of the Wallingford Health Department, the prototype was displayed to the public for the first time at the Community Pool of Wallingford. After a week-long collection of feedback from visitors of the pool, the device was moved to the Doolittle Playground in Wallingford to gauge the reaction of parents bringing their children to play outside.

Eloise Hazelwood, Director of Health with the Wallingford Health Department, commented: “I am glad these young entrepreneurs come to our office first to receive feedback on their early concept. Now that they have a working solution, we were happy to be the first hosts – to the benefit of our community.” The Wallingford Health Department also sponsored the sunscreen dispensed from the prototype unit during the local test weeks.


SOLaware™ Display prototype at the Walnut Public Beach in Milford.

The next stop for the SOLaware™ Display was the popular Walnut Beach of Milford. The local Recreation team, with the leadership of Paul Piscitelli and Rich Minnix, embraced the new real-time sun safety education system. With their support, SOLaware™ Tech was able to collect valuable feedback from beachgoers, a crucial group of users for this sun safety initiative.

The SOLaware™ Tech team plans on using the feedback collected during beta testing to improve the SOLaware™ Display for the upcoming commercial product launch. For more information, please email

SOLaware™ Tech thanks the Wallingford Health Department and Milford Recreation Department for supporting the first public exposure of its SOLaware™ Display sun safety solution.


About SOLaware™ Technologies:
SOLaware™ Technologies was started at the Quinnipiac University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a mission to “Raise awareness about sun exposure via digital technologies” ™. Their first product, the SOLaware™ Display is a modular sun safety education system that informs about local UV level, educates about preventative steps and provides protection through access to sun screen. The Displays are leased to local businesses and governments to help lower the risks of sunburns and skin cancer in their communities.

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