Darien Beaches, First to Receive the Innovative Sun Safety Education Solutions

SOLaware™ Technologies team delivers first SOLaware™ Displays  to Pamela Gery, Director of Parks and Recreation, David Knauf, Health Director and Jami Dawson, Recreation Supervisor of Darien.

Darien, CT – The Town of Darien received two SOLaware™ Displays, sponsored by the Parks and Recreation and the Health Departments of Darien. One sun safety unit was placed at Weed Beach, and the second unit was located at the Pear Tree Point beach to inform and educate the beachgoers about real-time UV exposure.

Darien is the first town to receive the innovative products as part of the SOLaware™ Technologies’ Summer Pilot Program in Connecticut. The proactivity of David Knauf, Director of Health Department, resulted in Darien becoming the earliest partner town of the Pilot. According to Mr. Knauf: “Sun safety is one of my priority educational areas as Health Director, and the SOLaware solution is a great way to raise awareness within our community. I highly recommend my colleagues to follow our example by providing proactive, preventative education”.

The SOLaware™ Display is a modular sun safety education system, that informs about UV levels at the point of sun exposure in real-time, and educates about recommended preventative steps to raise awareness about the danger of unprotected sun exposure.

The SOLaware™ Technologies team, an entrepreneurial group of local business and engineering students and graduates, delivered the SOLaware™ Displays to Pamela Gery, Director of Parks and Recreation Department. She said: “We are proud to be the first host of these products, continuing our efforts to provide the best for our community”.

In addition to Darien, in the coming week the towns of Milford, North Haven, Wallingford and Middletown will receive their SOLaware™ Displays. The Summer Pilot Program is still open for businesses and municipalities to lease the innovative sun safety solution for the summer season. For more information, contact info@solawaretech.com.

About SOLaware™ Technologies:
SOLaware™ Technologies Division’s mission is to “Raise awareness about sun exposure via digital technologies” ™. The first product, the SOLaware™ Display is a modular sun safety education system, that informs about local UV level, educates about preventative steps, and provides protection through access to sun screen. The Displays are leased to local businesses and governments to help lower the risks of sunburns and skin cancer in their communities.

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