The SOLaware™ Display is a modular sun safety education system that measures the local UV radiation level in real-time and displays the average time until viewers can expect to experience skin damage, if preventative actions are not taken immediately.

Real-time UV information

An array of UV sensors monitor local conditions in real time

Easy to understand

The straightforward SOLawareTM Index is designed  to effectively raise awareness

Simple sun safety steps

The Display’s educational board includes sun protection information to help viewers safely enjoy time outdoors

Easily available sunscreen

SPF 30+ is available via a touch-free dispenser to provide immediate protection


Beneficial in schools, out side playgrounds, or in my yard!

– Linda B.

Makes understanding the UV level easy for kids.

– Deborah M.

People forgot to put sunscreen on. This device would remind you, as it is in your face!

– Laurie R.

My kids were engaged, and it made them more aware.

– Rachel B.

Neat, fun and really visual. Easy to grasp the concept.

– Amanda S.

Sun safety is out of sight and out of mind… it brings it to the front!

– Jamie G.

So easy to understand. Would love it at my town beach!

– Cheryl C.

Message comes across clear, i see this applicable at all outdoor events.

– Steve O.

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